2010 Sister City Children's Art Exhibition




Elementary School (1st-3rd Graders)


Koki Hasegawa
(Kawai Elementary 1st Grade)

Enjoying the Japanese local summer festival with the performance of Japanese drums.


Yorika Okada
(Kishi Elementary 1st Grade)

Children enjoy eating cotton candy, shaved ice with strawberry syrup, etc. and scooping gold fish with a tiny net at Ono City Summer Festival.


Haruna Kawabata
(Kishi Elementary 3rd Grade)

Japan, Hyogo, Abacus and Sun Flower, all symbolizing Ono.


Fumina Takase
(Ono Elementary 3rd Grade)

4 seasons in Japan: spring with carp streamers and traditional Japanese dolls (top, left), summer with balloons and round fans, winter with snowmen, battledores and shuttlecocks(all clock-wise) and autumn with ears of ripe rice and dumplings offered to the moon.



Elementary School (4th-6th Graders)


Taisei Tomishima
(Kawai Elementary 4th Grade)

At the autumn festival season, people enjoy lion dances accompanied by the performance of a Japanese bamboo flute and a Japanese drum.


Ayana Jinnouchi
(Ichiba Elementary 4th Grade)

Ono City Emblem, City Symbol Tower, abacus, sun flower, Japan Archipelago.


Asahi Horai
(Kawai Elementary 4th Grade)

Symbols of Japan! Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms.


Satoru Taii
(Kawai Elementary 5th Grade)

Himeji Castle, a National Treasure built in 1346. It is also registered as a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1993.


Miumi Hirose
(Ichiba Elementary 6th Grade)

Sister Cities: Lindsay and Ono


Kazuma Kishimoto
(Shimotojo Elementary 4th Grade)

Kabuki, one of Japan's main traditional theater forms, begun in early 17th century.


Tomoki Yokoyama
(Kishi Elementary 5th Grade)

Ono, city of abacus. The two yellow beads in the middle sticking to the horizontal bar show 2. Another yellow one at the third figure shows 1. The abacus shows 2010, the year 2010.


Eigo Nishio
(Ono Elementary 6th Grade)

A very traditional Japanese-style house in Ono.



Junior High School


Yuya Fujie
(Ono Minami Junior High School 1st Grade)

Nebuta is the name of a Star Festival held in summer in the northeastern district of Japan. It is joined by gigantic multi-colored floats of Samurai warriors.


Yuta Kobayashi
(Ono Junior High School 2nd Grade)

Jodoji, a National Treasure: main side of the Temple, traditional Japanese garden fence and neatly trimmed tree in the Japanese style.


Ayane Nobori
(Ono Junior High School 3rd Grade)

A Japanese cow for milking kept, fed and milked at Kyoshin Pasture in Ono.