Pictures sent to Ono from Lindsay in 2008 as the 3rd Art Work Exchange.





by Issac Cortez (Age9)


by Andrea Mendez (Age9)


by Johanna Alvarez (Age9)


by Israel Ramos (Age8)


by John McDaniel (Age9)


by Sierra Torrez (Age7)


by Linda Williams (Age8)


by Austin Hernandez (Age9)


by Celia Guiza (Age9)


by Yuri Lemus (Age11)


by Dobali Gonzalez (Age9)


by Johanna Perez (Age9)


by Liliana Ortiz (Age11)


by Mark Landers (Age12)


by Cecilia Orozco (Age11)


by Florencio Barajas (Age10)


by Guillermo Jara (Age8)


by Amos Dixon (Age7)


by Maria Moreno (Age10)


by Yuritzy Magana (Age10)


by Corayma Godinez (Age10)


by Luis Martinez (Age10)


by Sergio Lemus (Age5)


by Daniel Martinez (Age6)


by Cristian Hernandez (Age9)


by Lorena Ambriz (Age9)