Prize-winning pictures sent to Lindsay from Ono in 2007 as the 4st Art Work Exchange.




Elementary School Division.

All the 2 Honor Prize Winner.


Shuto Inoue
(Kishi Elem.4th Grade.)


Hiroto Fujita
(Ono Elem.2nd Grade.)



Elementary School Division.

All the 12 Gold Prize Winners.


Mao Fujiwara
(Nakaban Elem.1st Grade.)


Moe Tanaka
(Kishi Elem.3rd Grade.)


Kazuma Kishimoto
(Shimotojyo Elem.1st Grade.)


Satoru Taii
(Kawai Elem.2nd Grade.)


Natsumi Sato
(Obe Elem.4th Grade.)


Akihiro Fujita
(Ichiba Elem.2nd Grade.)


Nina Kobayashi
(Obe Elem.2nd Grade.)


Kurumi Maeyama
(Ono Elem.3rd Grade.)


Ayaka Sawao
(Ono Elem.4th Grade.)


Orie Ikezawa
(Kawai Elem.5th Grade.)


Ryota Mieda
(Shimotojyo Elem.6th Grade.)


Ayane Nobori
(Ono Elem.6th Grade.)



All the 2 Gold Prize Winners.

The Junnior High School Division.


Yudai Kitayama
(Kawai Junior Hight School)