Food and Music Festival

Dec. 10. 2017




We held a "Food and Music Festival" on Sunday Dec. 10th at Community Center Ono.

It was supposed to be held in October but delayed due to typhoon.

You can watch the video on our Facebook.



Setting up the room for the event.



The foreign foods are getting ready.



They're practicing Angklung (a musical instrument from Indonesia).



Opening remarks by Mr. Keiichi Nakamura, the chairperson of our association.



Vietnamese foods "Pho ga" (chicken noodle soup) and "Cha gio" (egg roll).



Indonesian food " Nasi goreng" (fried rice).



Part 2 begins with acoustic guitar performance.



3 Indonesian girls performed "Koto", the Japanese harp.



The Ukulele performance with a Rain stick.



Special acoustic performance of Mr.Kanazawa and 3 Indonesians.



Beautiful Angklung performance by Indonesians.