Records on fiscal 2011




OIA's International Cooking Class was held. Feb 26. 2012 up
The Class was held at Community Center Ono.

"The International Get-together Meeting 2:The 13th Futsal Games with foreigners" were held. Dec 14. 2011 up
The Meeting was held at Sunflower Park on December 11.

The 3rd part of "International Exchange Meeting 1,2011" was held. Nov 30. 2011 up
The 3rd part of the Meeting was held on November 27.

"Ono International Association Japanese Language Study Tour" was made. Nov 4. 2011 up
The Tour was made on October 30, 2011.

The 2nd session of "Internaional Meeting 1, 2011" was held. Sep 23. 2011 up
The 2nd session of the Meeting was held on September 11.

" The eating event of flowing-down fine noodles for Friendly Kids" was held. Sep 19. 2011 up
The event was held on September 19.

"The 27th Japanese Language Class" is open. July 7. 2011 up
It was decided that OIA would re-start incorporated as Non-Profit-Organization Ono International Association this year.

"The General Assembly 2011" for Ono International Association was held. May 26. 2011 up
Two more classes are given before July 30, the last day.

"The International Meeting 1-1" was held. May 26. 2011 up
The Meeting was held after the General Assembly was over.

The Mission members to Lindsay, Ono's Sister City, returned home. April 22. 2011 up
The 19th Mission to the Sister City returned home on April 4.

"The briefing session for the 19th Mission to visit Sister City" was held. April 19. 2011 up
The session was held at Ono Community Center.